Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Turning this real estate market around

Many people, specifically media reporters and personalities across the wonderful state of Florida, are projecting their opinions and advice on how to weather the storm in our real estate market. Quite often these same opinions regurgitate the information reported by others referencing the stock market, tightening of mortgage lending requirements, inflated insurance costs, inconceivable Tax Assessor valuations, etc. Like others, I have a opinion too. Isn't it crucial to understand the clients acceptable level of risk before providing advice though?

As a real estate professional in South Florida, my simple advice to anyone buying or selling their homes, whether for personal use or investment, is to VERFIY all information related to your real estate transaction. Spend some time researching the information provided to you, and use good judgment in deciding who you work with. There really are great buyer deals in this real estate market, including positive cash flow rental investments. Buyers can be, and should be selective in this market - and I absolutely recommend only purchasing the GREAT deals to minimize future risk.